Joanna Krupa’s Christmas Day Plans Consist of Pierogi and Wii

Joanna Krupa is ready for a white Christmas.

So this Real Housewives of Miami star and her hubby Romain Zago are leaving the warm weather of California and Florida behind.

And Polish food and Wii are on the holiday agenda.

“Every year my husband wants to go snowboarding, so this year we’re going to Whistler, Canada,” Krupa told Celebuzz.

“We love to get the family together and, for us, it’s getting a house in the mountains and flying everybody out and enjoying each other’s company.”

So that means a little family-friendly competition in front of the TV.

“We love playing Wii. We get so competitive. We play Tetris and fun back in the day games. So we feel like we’re kids,” she added. “Putting all the drama of every day life aside and having an amazing few days.”

And Krupa may be a ‘Real Housewife,’ but that moniker doesn’t really apply when it comes to her kitchen savvy. But she’s a pro at taste-testing.

“Me, cooking?! Well, I don’t cook too much. I like to taste here and there,” she admitted. “My mom and sister love to cook so they’ll be doing the cooking. And in the Polish tradition we do a lot of stuffed dumplings like pierogi. And Romain is like ‘this year I also need to have some male food like fish and mashed potatoes.’ So they have to cook extra for my high maintenance man.”

And after saying “I do” to her longtime love in June, these newlyweds are continuing one of their untraditional traditions this Christmas.

“We don’t do the gift-giving,” she said. “Christmas is about giving and enjoying your time with your family. I just want my family to be healthy.”

But if she had to choose a present, what would Santa bring her?

“I wouldn’t mind an Aston Martin!”

“This is why we don’t exchange gifts,” she laughed. “Romain’s like, ‘yeah… no, no. Not so much.’”