PICS: Whoa! Rihanna Rakes In $120,000 In Early Christmas Gifts

Talk about Christmas coming early!

It’s been a banner year of swag for Rihanna, and when it comes to over-sharing via social media she hasn’t held back about raking in the luxe loot in 2013… to the sweet tune of about $120,000.

The “Diamonds” singer may have flaunted her naughty side more than a few times this year…

Photo: Instagram

But Santa Claus put her on the nice list.

And even though the 25-year-old cashed in a whopping $43 million in the first half of 2013 alone, because she’s RiRi and life just isn’t fair… she got her pre-holidays haul for free. (Yep, you read right — F-R-E-E.) Balmain, Versace, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Prada — you name the designer, she got it.

Some of our favorite freebies she snagged include nearly $30K in Jennifer Fisher bling, $9,000 in Lanvin jewelry, and we can’t forget the rare Chanel clutch that fetches $8,000.

And those hefty price tags don’t even include all the custom-made priceless goodies that us regular civilians can only dream about.

So for anyone who missed RiRi’s booty-bragfest on Instagram, CB! has priced it out for you.

Click through the CB! gallery above too see all the envy-inducing luxe loot Rihanna took home in 2013. (And yes, we’re jealous.)