Zac Efron Broke His Jaw During Sex?

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If the story was only that good!

Zac Efron is poking fun at his broken jaw incident in a new video featuring his That Awkward Moment co-stars Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan.

This is what Teller and Jordan had to say…

“So Zac was at home with a girl,” Teller begins, and he and Jordan volley off each other, regaling us with the story of how he gave this girl “the worst sexual experience of her life.” In fact, according to Teller and Jordan, the girl was so disappointed with his “early finish” that she took a ”heavy book [and] slammed it right into your beautiful face.”

If only it was the exciting in reality. Zac had to have his jaw wired shut last month after smashing his jaw into the ground when he slipped in a puddle outside his home.