Find Out What These Celebs Are Doing on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

Whether it’s a white Christmas or a hot holiday getaway, celebrities like Kristin Cavallari, Audrina Patridge, Nick Carter, Camila Alves and Kendra Wilkinson are spending time with their family and friends — and making their own traditions.

Find out who prefers tamales over turkey, who collects ornaments, who’s doing all the cooking, and whose cocktail concoction includes pickle juice.

Audrina Patridge

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What are you doing for the holidays?

“This holiday season my entire family is heading somewhere tropical to celebrate my mom’s birthday!” Audrina told Celebuzz. “I can’t wait to relax with the gang, soak up the sun and reflect on what an exciting year 2014 is going to be.”

Camila Alves

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Where will you be on Christmas?

“I’m taking the entire family to Brazil for the holidays,” she told CB!

Any special New Year’s traditions?

“On New Years Eve, we wear all white and do a prayer for the New Year while on the beach. It’s beautiful!”

Karina Smirnoff

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Where are you going for Christmas?

“I’m staying in L.A. and spending time with family and friends, feeding the homeless and buying presents,” the Dancing with the Stars hoofer told CB!

Do you have any traditions?

“We decorate a Christmas tree every year, and for every year we are in the U.S. we add either a little house, a church, or a little village under the tree. And now, since we have been living in the States since 1993, we have a whole town with train stations, ice rinks, parks, churches and a Christmas tree that requires a whole separate room to fit the town.”

What is your favorite holiday memory?

“One time I found Santa’s outfit in my parents bedroom when I was little,” she remembered. “Needless to say, I was confused and somewhat traumatized.”

Hayley Orrantia

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What are you doing for the holidays? 

“I’m heading back to Texas to see family, but I am also going to Montana to visit my grandparents for Christmas,” The Goldbergs actress told Celebuzz. “I’m excited to see everyone.”

What’s your special tradition?

“Whenever I spend Christmas with my dad’s parents, we always have tamales. It’s a tradition since my grandfather is from Mexico; he makes them every year. Besides that, every year on Christmas morning when the whole family takes their seats in the living room, I’m the one to take the presents from under the tree and separate them into piles by name. I have a weird OCD thing about it.”

What’s your favorite holiday memory?

“My parents are very creative when it comes to gift giving. When I asked for an iPhone one year, I opened a box to my dad’s old flip phone (that was broken) with goggly eyes taped to the front, a.k.a. the ‘EyePhone.'”

Brian McKnight

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Who will you be spending the holidays with this year?

“I always try my best to spend the holidays with my family and this year is no exception.‬ My entire family sings so when we’re all together we eat and sing and I’m the designated piano player,” the singer told Celebuzz.

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

“My favorite holiday memories are of my two sons when they were really young and still super excited about Christmas morning, the presents, and all the festivities that go along with it. Those times were really special.”

Nick Carter

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Where are you going for Christmas?

“I’m going back to Tennessee where I spend the holidays most of the time. I’ll be hanging with my fiancée [Lauren Kitt] watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and eating tamales. Lauren is part Mexican, so I’m getting introduced to some new traditions,” The Backstreet Boy told CB!

What’s your fondest memory of the holidays?

“I have always had great memories during Christmas. One in particular was when I was on tour in Europe with the guys and l came home and brought some gifts for my siblings. I decided to play Santa and set it up so that in the morning, when they woke, they would see footprints coming from the chimney leading to the tree. They were so young at the time and they absolutely loved it. I even think I set up some cookies that were half eaten. It was perfect.”

What was your best New Year’s Eve?

“We spent one New Years with the guys from New Kids On the Block in New York. If was right after we did the performance kicking off the New Year. We went to this little pub on a side street and Donnie [Wahlberg] introduced us to a particular drink that’s said to have originated in Boston that sounded horrible, but tasted pretty good,” he said. “It was a Jameson and pickle juice. Put it this way, we had a really great night. It was a great way to kick off our relationship with those guys. Soon after, we were hitting the road for our NKOTBSB tour and the rest was history.”

Kristin Cavallari

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How will you and your family be spending the holidays?

“We’ll be in Chicago for the holidays,” Kristin told CB! “Christmas Eve we’ll be at Jay’s parents’ house with his family, and Christmas night we’ll be with my mom and family.”

Do you have any traditions you’re passing down to 16-month-old Camden and your next little one?

“Growing up, we always had the elves come seven nights before Christmas and if you were good that day, you got a little present in your stocking. If you were bad, you got coal. I want to keep that tradition going with our kids, but Camden is still a little too young to understand it. We’ll start next year.”

What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

“Last year was really special because it was our first Christmas with a baby. We will never forget that one.”

Any fun New Year’s Eve plans?

“This year I’m just making dinner at home for Jay and I. We usually go to dinner, but since I’m pregnant, being home sounds much cozier! I typically think New Year’s is overrated so not doing anything is perfectly fine by me! I’ve never had an awful New Year’s, but I’ve also never had ‘the best night of my life’ on New Year’s.”

Danity Kane

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Who are you spending the holidays with?

Aubrey O’Day: “I’m spending them meeting my new boyfriend Travis Garland’s family!  This should get interesting!” she told CB!

Dawn Richards: “Kissing under the mistletoe, spending time with family and waiting on Santa, of course. Also, I’m going to do a bit of giving back. Feeding those who don’t have meals for Christmas this year with my charity Dream Big Cares.”

Shannon Bex: “Enjoying my family. I like to slow down and take in the holidays.”

Aundrea Fimbres: “Spending it with my family. Presents, food, games and yummy drinks.”

Are there any special traditions and memories?

Dawn: “The youngest in the family picks the tree. The bigger the better. Watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is a must. Cookies by the fireplace as my dad plays Christmas carols on our piano. My favorite memories are laying under my father’s piano listening to him play Chopin and Debussy, my mom decorating the house and that smell of cinnamon and pine.”

Aundrea: “Gonna have a tamale party!  Can’t have Christmas without tamales!”

Aubrey: “Sitting by the fire as a kid listening to Mariah’s and Christina’s Christmas albums. Dreaming of how one day I wanted to be a pop star like them.

Shannon: “When I was little on Christmas Eve, we could open one present — our Christmas pajamas. Then we would sit as a family on the couch with Christmas music in the background and the tree lights shining. I’d wake up the next morning to stalkings, presents and family.”

Kendra Wilkinson

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What are your new Christmas traditions?

“Our new Christmas traditions are the elf on the shelf and going to the Filmore train station for the little North Pole ride where we meet Santa,” Kendra told Celebuzz. “We wake up on Christmas, open gifts, make pancakes and eggs and, of course, watch A Christmas Story.”

What’s your favorite New Year’s memory?

“My best New Year’s Eve memory was when Hank and I went to Whistler, Canada. We went on a night snowmobile ride 6,000 feet up in the pitch black. It took about 2 hours to get up to the top, but we made it before midnight and had fondue and hot cocoa in a little log cabin. And when midnight came we went out and looked over Whistler’s fireworks and kissed.”