PICS: North West’s First Family Christmas Album

She’s growing up so fast!

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their daughter on June 15, we couldn’t wait to get the first glimpse of the newest member of celebrity baby royalty.

Mommy Kim wanted to be the first one to introduce her pride and joy and on Aug. 23 baby North West smiled for the world.

Now, it’s Nori’s first Christmas and she’s got a lot to celebrate in her first six months.

She’s already gotten her first designer Christmas gifts (worth over $1,300!) and you can imagine from Stella McCartney, Giuseppe Zanotti, Hermes and Charlotte Olympia, they’re pretty fabulous and perfect for the Kardashians Christmas Eve soiree. In fact, at just three-months-old little Nori was already being lavished in pint-size fancy frocks that adults could only dream of, just like her designer parents. The adorable baby “buba” got gifted by Celine designer Phoebe Philo and over $3,000 in ruffles and organza from French fashion house, Lanvin: “Welcome to the world. We love you,” wrote designer Alber Elbaz.

Alexander Wang sent Nori a mommy-mini me halter leather dress with a personalized message: “Might take some time for her to grow into…” and it seems even at 6-months-old North is already in the upper echelon of fashionista, getting presented with items off limits to the rest of us regular folk. Take, for example, the Maison Martin Margella lab coat from its spring 2014 show, which no one on earth can simply purchase: “Her very own lab coat! Thank you!!!” Kim wrote.

And that’s not all.

Baby Nori will now have plenty of holiday traditions to look forward to — from decorating grandma Kris Jenner’s ginormous — and gorgeous! — Christmas tree and donning red and green to getting glammed up for the time-honored tradition of the Kardashian Christmas ‘kard.’

Take a look at Nori’s first six months of memories in CB!’s Kardashian family Christmas album above.