Joe Manganiello Works it Out

You can’t keep looking great and in shape by not working out, and that’s just what actor Joe Manganiello did yesterday (December 26, 2013).

The True Blood star has been tirelessly promoting his fitness book Evolution over the last month.

Joe is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. In the accompanying interview, Joe reveals how focusing on mind, body and soul is crucial for him.

He said, "There’s the triangle – the mind, body, and spirit. And all too often I see actors really work the mental and spiritual side but not put anything into the physical side, they just kind of ignore it. I don’t come from that school. I come at it in ancient Greek sense, in that their culture was built on athletics and on philosophers."

What a great way to look at things. Check out more pics of Joe post-workout by launching the gallery.



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