Justin Bieber Buys Himself a Belated Christmas Gift… a Puppy!

Justin Bieber is ready to be a devoted pet parent yet again.

After giving his hamster PAC away to a complete stranger and leaving his monkey Mally in a foreign country, maybe he’s planning on turning over a new leaf in 2014.

Well, here’s to hoping.

Because Biebs bought an American Bulldog pup in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario Dec. 26. And CB! has the exclusive pic to prove it.

“Justin comes in all the time when he’s home,” said Ruffin’s Pet Centre employee Leslie.

“The puppies came in yesterday morning,” she added, with Bieber and his entourage scooping up a baby girl out of the three-pup litter.

And if you look closely, you can get a glimpse of her in his friend’s arms.

“They were looking at them and talking about getting one. It was Boxing Day, so everyone was excited,” she added.

For all you non-Canadians out there, the day after Christmas is a holiday for our northern neighbors where they indulge in the post-Christmas sales and some ice hockey watching.

“He came in just before closing with his bodyguard and friends. He walked around the store, saw it, held it and liked it. She’s got a little splash of brown on her eye.” said owner Chris, who added that the 19-year-old superstar has bought a puppy from him before, even fish.

“Whenever he comes in he buys something,” he said. “He’s an ethical person when it comes to animals.”

(PAC and Mally excluded, of course.)

Either way, Bieber’s new lucky furry friend will be living the swaggy life, just like her owner.