Kim Kardashian Sports A Customized Birkin Bag From Kanye West

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ran errands together in Woodland Hills, CA.  While West carried shopping bags, Kardashian toted her customized Hermes bag, a Christmas gift from her betrothed.

West had the bag hand-painted by artist George Condo, who has known West for some time.

Kardashian shared photos with fans from her mother's Christmas Eve party, which included a photo booth for merry making.



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  • amg00448

    This is the most repulsive couple I have ever seen. Are you kidding me ? Kanye is a.complete idiot, so is she. I feel sorry for that baby. She has two moronic parents. Any guesses out there as to how long this marriage will last? I bet you the wedding ceremony will last longer than the marriage itself.

  • angel909

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  • Regina Ideh Elumogo
    Regina Ideh Elumogo

    SO WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! UGLY UGLY UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hotwasabi21

    Totally agree Tabatha! Everything he wears is trash and everything Kim wears because of him is trash! And what's up with the ripped jeans they keep wearing? Is Kimye trying to bring the 90s back? Hell, if we went back to the 90s we'd have a good economy and no Kimye, so I'm all for it!

  • Tabatha Brown Matson
    Tabatha Brown Matson

    Yuck! I don't see how people can say kanye knows fashion. His fashion sense is HORRIBLE!

  • Kelli Bates
    Kelli Bates

    Sorry didn't mean to double post.

  • Kelli Bates
    Kelli Bates

    Ugly purse .......... . naked woman on a purse. Just what I wanted lol!!!!

  • Kelli Bates
    Kelli Bates

    Ugly purse .......... . naked woman on a purse. Just what I wanted lol!!!!