Shakira and Baby Milan Give Good Cry Face

Shakira and Milan cry
You know what they say -- like mother, like son.

Shakira gave a spot-on impression of her crying baby boy Milan, who clearly had enough of all the good cheer on Christmas.

And the "Dance Like This" singer’s soccer pro boyfriend Gerard Pique captured the cute moment on Dec. 25 with one word: “Mimosos,” which means fussy in Spanish.

It seems 11-month-old Milan had a big day of milestones for his first Christmas celebration, including the Catalan tradition of the “caga tio.”

According to the holiday pastime, the smiling-faced hollow log stands up on two or four little stick legs and is adorned with a red sock hat and nose. The children feed it every night and drape it in a blanket so it doesn't get cold. And on Christmas day the toy is put into the fireplace and when tapped with sticks poops out tiny presents like candies and nuts.

Here, Milan shows us how it's done:

Photo: Instagram

Maybe little Milan was having so much fun, he just didn’t want it to end because when the "tio" is done giving gifts, its really had enough. Hence, when pooping all the cool treats is over, it leaves behind garlic, an onion or "urinates" by leaving a bowl of water.

Sounds like something we'd cry about, too.



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