10 Reasons You’ll Have A Love / Hate Relationship With Britney Spears’ Las Vegas Extravaganza

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It’s official, Britney Spears has begun her residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Celebuzz was in the audience for tonight’s opening act and we’ve put together the highs and the lows fans can expect from Vegas’ newest showgirl.

Because everyone seems to love a good list nowadays, I’ve put together the ten things that stood out to me tonight. Some of them are good, some are bad, but most will hopefully help you decide whether or not Piece of Me is worth a trip to Sin City.

1) Unless you can afford the premium seating, you won’t be able to see Britney up close. 

I am just realizing that I’ve been taking for granted the giant screens used during most concerts and sports events. They have always seemed like a distraction. Tonight though, I missed those giant screens a lot. Although Britney’s stage has been decked out with a ton of cool effects and screens, none of them ever show what’s happening on stage. It’s all pre-recorded fluff. For all I know, I just sat through the most expensive Drag show ever produced.

If there’s one thing the producers should think about changing, it’s installing some screens so everyone, not just the rich and powerful, have a chance to see Britney up close and personal.

2) And if you are able to see, you’ll notice that Britney is dancing again….sort of.

Compared to the Britney that’s gotten used to hairography and arm dancing, Britney Jean definitely still has some of her old tricks up those sparkly sleeves. Tonight’s show proved that she’s still able to shake what her momma gave her and I think her footwear had a lot to do with it. Gone are the platform heels made popular by Lady Gaga and Madonna. Vegas Britney is content wearing sneakers and I loved every minute of it. If that’s what it takes for her to dust of the Toxic choreography, so be it.

A highlight of the night came during a dance break towards the end of Break The Ice. Britney and her girls tore it up under spot lights, giving the show some much needed sex appeal.

3) The set list is a good one. I’m not kidding, it’s amazing.

In total, I counted 24 songs on the Piece of Me set list. Some are oldies, others are brand new, and some are even from that dark period no one likes to talk about. But when they come together, it’s a walk down memory lane that the audience really got into. And there are a lot of recreated and reimagined music video moments that’ll put a smile on your face. If you aren’t singing along by the time Britney dons a pair of giant angel wings for her latest rendition of Everytime, there’s something wrong with you.

Here’s the set list in its entirety:

  1. Work Bitch
  2. Womanizer
  3. 3
  4. Everytime
  5. …Baby One More Time
  6. Oops… I Did It Again
  7. Me Against The Music
  8. Gimme More
  9. Break The Ice
  10. Piece Of Me
  11. Scream & Shout*
  12. Boys
  13. Perfume
  14. Get Naked (I Got A Plan)*
  15. I’m a Slave 4 U
  16. Freakshow
  17. Do Somethin’
  18. Circus
  19. I Wanna Go
  20. Lucky
  21. Toxic
  22. Stronger
  23. (You Drive Me) Crazy
  24. Till The World Ends

*Both of these songs should be considered interludes as Britney wasn’t performing them herself. They both happened during costume changes. 

4) But don’t let that fool you, because she most likely isn’t singing much of anything.

This is the topic that no one ever really wants to talk about and I don’t think many people even care that much about it. I’m just here to tell you that Britney didn’t appear to be singing throughout a lot of the show. All of the songs have been remixed to sound live, and those remixes are all sorts of awesome, but they are still obviously pre-recorded. That isn’t to say that there weren’t moments when it seemed like Britney was singing. Work Bitch, Piece of Me, and Freakshow all had moments when Britney could be heard loud and clear.

5) And although there are a lot of songs in the show, most of them have been shortened dramatically to keep the show moving.

Long story short, don’t expect to hear every note from every song. Many of the older songs have been mixed together for the sake of time. Don’t worry though, you probably won’t even notice.

6) If you haven’t listened to Britney Jean, you aren’t missing anything.

Out of the 24 songs on the setlist, only two came from Britney’s newest album. That isn’t surprising considering how poorly it’s selling, but I was at least expecting a surprise attack version of Alien or Passenger.

As long as you know the rest of Britney’s catalogue of music, you’ll be able to sing just as loudly as your neighbor.

7) There’s no one-on-one time with Britney.

There is absolutely no down time throughout the entire show. Piece of Me is an hour and a half of music, dancing, and special effects. Britney barely spoke to the audience at all, I think she said hello and asked what the audience thought about the gorgeous theater.

Other than the lack of big screens, this is what bothered me most about the entire experience. Nothing about the show seemed personal, and that left a big hole in its heart. Britney really needs to learn how to take a water break, talk to the audience and make them remember how special her fans are to her.

8) The merchandise is pretty incredible.

9) Britney’s hair and costumes have been elevated to Showgirl status.

Nomi Malone better watch out, because Britney is coming for her costume closet. All said and done, I counted at least 7 costume changes throughout the entire show. That included at least three different wigs, one of which was a sultry brunette bob. There’s also a pair of GIANT angel wings.

The best part about the costumes are pieces that are so clearly old school Britney. She rocks a fedora during Me Against The Music and dons a see through bodysuit that looks a lot like the one she wore during her performance at the Video Music Awards in 2000.

10) If you are a die-hard fan of Britney Spears, you probably won’t be disappointed.

The stage is awesome. There’s fire, water, and a giant tree. Britney’s dancing again and her music is on point. I don’t think there’s anything in Piece of Me for someone who isn’t already familiar with Britney Spears, but her die-hard fans will love this show. I’d tell them to buy their tickets though. Planet Hollywood confirmed to Celebuzz today that the show is sold out through January 29th.