Anne Hathaway Leaves Gift of Dog Poop on Paparazzo's Car

Anne Hathaway running with her dog
Anne Hathaway on 'SNL'
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You can't argue that Anne Hathaway isn't a giver.

A little late Christmas present was left by Academy award winning actress and dog walker Anne Hathaway for a paparazzo who was allegedly stalking the star while she got a little exercise in.

The 31-year-old actress was walking her dog Esmeralda on December 26, when a photographer began to follow her.

After a while, Hathaway, who was seen wearing a grey sweater, jeans and sneakers, cleaned up her dog and was seen holding a plastic bag, which reportedly contained the excrement.

The bag was later seen on the windshield of the paparazzo's car. You can see the photos here.

Well done Ms. Hathaway.



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  • Gail Neuman
    Gail Neuman

    How obnoxious of her. If she doesn't want her photo taken then she needs to stay inside. Price you pay for being an actress.