Arianna Grande Talks Haters, Gets Dissed By Miley Cyrus

Ariana Grande Is No. 1
Singer Ariana Grande tops the charts!
It is hard being a teen star today in Hollywood, and know one knows that better than Ariana Grande.

In the February issue of Teen Vogue, Ariana talks about all of the online haters.

“I’m a lot [more shy] than people think. I don’t go online when I’m dealing with sh*t. This is a very amazing time in my life, but also the most stressful. I’m adjusting and I’m learning. For a very long time it affected me. And I was like, ‘But they don’t know the story!’ or ‘But they don’t know me!’”

She revealed some amazing advice that she received for dealing with things.

“My friends were like, ‘That’s the thing. They don’t know you and they never will. You can’t let a 12-year-old in Minnesota ruin your day.’”

In a new interview with The New York Times, for some reason Miley Cyrus decided that she needed to bring up Ariana.

Miley commented in the interview: “I don’t have a bunch of celeb friends, because I feel like some of them are a little scared of the association. This is terrible. I was backstage with Ariana Grande. I’m like, ‘Walk out with me right now and get this picture, and this will be the best thing that happens to you, because just you associating with me makes you a little less sweet.'”

As long as Nickelodeon is paying Ariana’s bills she needs to be a little more guarded.

Check out behind the scenes video from her Teen Vogue photo shoot.

Teen Vogue is on newsstands on January 2.