Britney Spears Wants to Act Again, Ya’ll

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Could a Crossroads sequel be on the Hollywood horizon?

Well, not exactly… but Britney Spears is ready to dust off her acting chops.

The Princess of Pop told E! News she’s got more than just singing on the brain.

“I would love to act,” she said. “I would love to do movies. If it was the right part, it would be really cool… I love funny movies.”

So who’s her big screen inspiration? Hint: She’s a triple threat, too (and Brit’s former reality rival.)

“I also love Jennifer Lopez movies,” Britney said, adding that among her other comedy faves are We’re the Millers and Bridesmaids. “I love Jennifer Lopez.”

Now that the 32-year-old mom-of-two is busy conquering Las Vegas with her Britney Spears: Piece of Me shows at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino there’s little down time for other projects, but living the quieter life (yes, she admits with more kids!) in her home state of Louisiana sounds appealing.

“I have thought about it,” she told E! about retiring, “but I think right now is my time to perform and doing what I’m doing.

“If I happen to have another baby or something like that, I’d probably move back to Louisiana,” Britney revealed. “I do miss Louisiana. I miss the people. I miss the food. I miss the way of life, how everything is really simple. There’s no traffic like there is in L.A. It’s really nice.”