Lily Allen: “I Don’t Want to be Rihanna”

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Uh-oh. Is there a new feud in the pop world? Not exactly. British singer Lily Allen tells Esquire that after taking a break from the music industry, she’s come back more mature and centered and doesn’t feel the need to compete with her peers so much.

I feel very lucky. I couldn’t ask for much more really. And actually I’m not really asking for much more. I’m not trying to take over the world here. I don’t want to be Rihanna. I want to sell some records, sell some tickets to my shows and live my life,” the 28-year old mother of two reveals in an interview with the UK magazine.

But that doesn’t mean she isn’t disappointed with the current climate in the biz. “I thought the people in that showbiz circle were my friends. But almost the second I got pregnant and I wasn’t able to go out and party, they were suddenly quite nasty.”

“There’s a way that those people survive, and it’s not by being nice,” the doe-eyed brunette explains. “The way they make themselves feel powerful is to ostracize other people. I feel blessed to be able to recognize that, but at the same time it can still feel pretty s**t what you walk into a room full of people and you can feel the eyes looking at you and people laughing. It’s hard for me because I will eternally feel like that little bullied girl at school, because that’s what I was.” 

The “Hard Out Here” singer also shows off her glamorous side in a sexy photo shoot by celebrity photographer Simon Emmett.

For the complete interview, check out the February issue of Esquire, on newsstands January 2nd.

Photos: Simon Emmett/Esquire