NEW PICS: Beyonce and Her Awesome Abs Take Over Miami

So this is what happens when you put two singing legends together…

A photo-op to remember and an excuse for Beyonce to show off her ridiculous abs.

After their Atlanta nightclub date night extravaganza, Bey and Jay-Z bumped into Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio Sunday night while dining at Seasalt & Pepper restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Photo: Twitter

The Latina songstress said her 18-year-old daughter Emily was “catatonic” in Queen Bey’s presence. (She was obviously blinded by her six-pack.)

Photo: Twitter

Although going vegan clearly did Bey’s body good, it’s even better now that the power couple’s diet experiment is over, because the high-end restaurant’s menu is filled with gourmet meat-lovers delicacies — like ribeye steak, marinated octopus, braised squid and French country rabbit pate.

And the fare must have been yummy because Beyonce and Jay captured the delectable experience with fans and chef Alfredo Alvarez.

Photo: Facebook