Beyonce Poses in Front of Jesus in Last Supper Mural Instagram Pic

Beyonce The Last Supper
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While Beyonce may be the Queen B, she's been getting in to some hot water over some questionable artistic choices as of late.

First, there was her decision to use a sample of audio of NASA public affairs officer Steve Nesbitt can be heard in the moments after Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff from the Kennedy Space Center on January 28, 1986, and now has posted a photo of herself on her Instagram, posing in front of one of the most famous paintings of all time - Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper.

The real kicker though is that she decided to pose in the middle of the picture and in front of Jesus.

The photo may have surprised some fans. Beyonce has often talked about her Christian upbringing in Houston and her childhood church, St. John’s United Methodist Church in downtown.

Needless to say, the Instagram photo is drawing plenty of criticism from fans and critics online. According to the Huffington Post, Beyonce was posing on the counter of a Miami juice bar. It features an Andy Warhol mural of The Last Supper with camouflage.

Her fans were quick to take note, with one saying, "@beyonce You are so disrespectful!!! I will be praying for U!!! U ARE NOT JESUS!!!!! Smh [shaking my head]Jesus is the truth, and the light…John 14:6 [sic]."

"I’m agnostic but respect religion and those who have faith. I can see why posing in front of a replica of The Last Supper, using her image to block out Jesus, could offend. No matter whether she is or isn’t religious herself, this controversial move is disrespectful to many…" another commenter wrote.

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  • Poppy Jones
    Poppy Jones

    This is the underlying reason why I do not care to follow this so-called celebrity. Like I said before she isn't a private person, she is secretive. There is a Biggg difference. But the jokes on her though, cause even though God loves us all, I almost sure He ain't about to play like that. Whenever we try to upstage Him, He brings us to our knees. And by the way, who can stop Him? No matter how hard she try's, she's setting her self up to fall. That pic is just so offenses, it hurts.

  • Ashanti Rose
    Ashanti Rose

    I stopped listening and supporting Beyonce after she released her vulgar self-titled album. There was so many references to demonic chants, symbols, that my spirit could not handle. After doing research, looking at her super bowl performance and the use of satanic symbols and references, I encourage everyone especially Christians to be careful of what you watch and listen to. Google it! You can say it's conspiracy, people looking too much into it, but you cannot overlook the obvious use of satanic symbols that just so happen to appear in her videos and performances. Now this blatant image of putting herself in front of Jesus, did you notice the letters "A lla" conveniently shown in the frame. Allah is a word from Arabic that describes something being worshiped.

  • Quita DramaFree
    Quita DramaFree

    well let me say this I will no longer be downloading any other her music I will no longer by any of hers album and the albums I do have by her already I'm going to take them to the pawn shop tomorrow see if I can make some money off of that ass I will no longer be going to any of her concerts and this will be the last time I looked her up on the Internet and her husband as well for that matter you know this selfish do name Jay Z I don't remember the last time I bought dat man CD lol this is why you have to be very careful about the people you support because that's exactly what you are doing when you buy the album and go to the concert hit that's exactly what you doin supporting them and I will no longer be doing that for Beyonce instead of spending $16.99 on her new album I'm going to be putting that in my car for my gas lol Real Talk so instead of complaining and whining about what she's doing actually do something about it like me

  • mariegrdn2

    I think this was very disrespectful especially because Beyonce says she is a Christian. To disrespect you own beliefs shows that she has no self respect. regardless if you believe its disrespectful to you or not it is not a positive display of self respect for young girls to follow. The article states that SHE posted the picture. (not the artist) She knew where she was positioned in the photo and still posted the picture looking for the worship reaction of a God. want Christian people to just suck it up its free speech but when the guy from Duck dynasty quoted pieces of the Bible he was spreading hate and hurt to gay people. He quoted a published book that everyone in America has access too. As a society we are hypocrites if we are going to say this is art. This is self hate and hate to all Christians (those who follow Christ). Regardless if you believe or not we should not condone any type of destruction to ourselves or others.

  • itsjustme

    Maybe she thought the colors of the counters matched her outfit and took the picture. Just so happened, the angle of the picture blocked the image of Jesus. Why does it have to be intentional? The photographer just took the picture. They might not have even realized it until it was posted and somebody brought it up. Why does everything have to be so negative?

  • hollywooddiva76

    doesnt anyone see the real reason she did this!! Phil Robertson has stolen the/her spotlight for religious reasons as of the past few weeks (and since her release of her record). She just had to do something religiously controversial to steal it back and hence promote record sales. Its the name of the game and its nothing new or original. There can only be one queen of a kingdom and in the pop world thats Madonna! She was the originator of religious controversy. Queen Bey who?

  • Diane Collins Smith
    Diane Collins Smith

    What is with people, I don't care, rich or poor, aligning themselves with Jesus. Now, she's getting up there w/her hubby's protege K.W., not a good place to be.

  • Ben A. Varkentine
    Ben A. Varkentine

    Here, little the maze just like she wants you to...

  • theblkpanther2

    The people who worship picture by Leonardo da Vinci are whack jobs and are descendants of the same fools that worship that lamb

  • Meredith Toles
    Meredith Toles

    I think it is pretty sad that she would use the audio of such tragedy where people have died. Also I am not a religious person but I think what she did with the painting of the Last Supper is very disrespectful l think she needs to quit hanging out with Kanye West cause it seems she is starting to act like him. She is going to lose a lot of fans cause of it just like him

  • theblkpanther2

    But no one has anything to say about the Juice bar having the pic there it'z nothing disrespectful with that I guess

  • marthamerzib

    oh my gosh get over it! There are bigger issues happening in the world. Everybody has to blame beyonce. This might look disrespectful for some people but seriously move on.

  • Sarah Perez
    Sarah Perez

    Who really gives a rats ass. Get over it and find some more important shit to post

  • Katie K McGhee
    Katie K McGhee

    It's a picture...get over yourselves. Everything and everyone is offensive these days.

  • Wanda Colón
    Wanda Colón

    People are forgetting all about Miley. Is all about Beyonce now.Isn't that the whole point? She IS selling records.

  • Alexandra Erodotou
    Alexandra Erodotou

    She is like a puppet, she is told what to do from the Illuminati..............and has to abide to the rules. Very inconsiderate and disrespectful pic. I did not expect this from Beyonce................

  • Kendra Danielle
    Kendra Danielle

    Get over it.

  • georgiastepien

    People need to get a grip! This is not disrespectful in any way! I'm a catholic an i'm not offended! Honestly people, its a picture!