Chris Pine Says Paparazzi ‘F*cking Suck,’ Working With Lindsay Lohan Was ‘Insanity’

Chris Pine on his Bike
On the set with the hot-roddin' star.
Actor Chris Pine does not hold back in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

In the interview Chris talks about working with Lindsay Lohan, the paparazzi, social media, and his political leanings.

On Working With Lindsay Lohan:
“It was a real cyclone of insanity, like being around The Beatles. It was fascinating to watch, and in hindsight it’s really a distinct moment in someone’s life when you see what’s really wonderful about what we get to do and what’s really dangerous about it.”

On The Paparazzi:
“They f*cking suck,” he says. “The light of my flame was really bright after Star Trek [in 2009], and I had that bizarre convergence of everything’s so intense for about a month, and then it died down. During that time, they’re f—ing chasing you, and you’re driving at speeds you shouldn’t be driving at. Thankfully, I don’t really have much of that anymore.”

On Social Media:
“No, f*ck no. What am I going to tweet about? My sneakers? Or, ‘I have 140,000 friends on Facebook.’ What does that even mean? I find it to be a waste of time. The Internet is so caustic; just a place where people get to spew nonsense and bullsh*t.”

On Politics:
“The head of our government can assassinate anyone, including an American citizen. We are striking countries with drones — sovereign countries. What if Mexico decided to bomb San Diego because there was a drug cartel there?”

Who knew that Chris Pine was so opinionated? Read the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter.