Jay Mohr Makes Fun of Alyssa Milano's Weight, Alyssa Responds Perfectly

Alyssa Milano showed her mettle when D-list comedian Jay Mohr took a few pot shots at the actress' post-baby body recently. 

The pair attended the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series awards show last month; Jay hosted and Alyssa was a presenter. Following the event, Jay told a radio show host that Alyssa is "very tiny — in height — [but] it seems like she had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s***’. I read it on her gut,"according to Radar Online. What a sweet guy.

Despite clearly being offended by the cheap jab, Alyssa simply tweeted at Mohr:

The 41-year old Who's the Boss? star gave birth to her son Milo in 2011, and also happens to look amazing. Here's Alyssa on the red carpet at the NASCAR event December 6th.

Not that it would be okay if Alyssa did in fact have a weight problem, but seriously, Jay Mohr? Time to get your eyes checked, old man.



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  • Debi Krasinski
    Debi Krasinski

    I think she looks like Dixie Carter. I had to do a double take! :)

  • Mandy Wells
    Mandy Wells

    Alyssa Milano, you are AWESOME! :D