Robin Thicke Threw Diva Fit Over Hotel Room Size

Robin Thicke Smooches
Robin gives wife Paula Patton a red carpet kiss.
Singer Robin Thicke subscribes to the school of thought that size does matter.

The New York Post reports that the pop star threatened to back out of a planned New Year’s Eve gig because his Miami hotel room was too small.

Robin was “dissatisfied” with his accommodations and “demanded to be moved”.

“He threatened to pull out if he didn’t get a bigger room,” a source said. “His travel agent was calling all over Miami to get him a bigger room at a different hotel.”

Robin ended up staying at the SLS after all. A spokesperson for the hotel confirmed any disagreement had been worked out and dismissed the notion the star was making diva demands.

“Robin has been a great guest,” the representative said.

The ego is one’s own worst enemy.

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