Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Hit the Slopes Together on New Year’s Vacay

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner are going strong and taking their month-long romance to the next level.

You know what they say — the couple that snowboards together, stays together.

And CB! has the pic of one fan’s ‘Karry’ encounter.

Allie Connolly just happened to be in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., where she ran into the young lovebirds at a local snowboard shop Thursday, Jan. 2. So she posted her sighting with photographic proof.

“Casually hanging out with Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. #dying,” she wrote on Instagram alongside Hollywood’s newest ‘It’ couple, who were bundled up in scarves, sweaters, plaid, hoodies and Harry’s trusty headband for the cold winter weather.

Photo: Instagram

And as you can probably imagine, 1D fanatics from around the world bombarded the lucky eyewitness with questions (and a few typically skeptical hate tweets).

Apparently, the teen superstars each took turns taking Allie’s pic (hence, the separate photo ops), she explained.

And this wasn’t Harry’s first California spotting this week. It seems he’s been making the rounds in his new gal’s SoCal hometown and with certain members of the famous TV family. He was recently snapped with Larry King in Los Angeles while in the area to film One Direction’s new music video. And the boy bander and his new reality star leading lady, 18, have been spending more and more time together from London to L.A. — even getting her dad Bruce Jenner’s approval using the 19-year-old Brit’s charm and love of golf (of course).

So after a healthy dose of fangirling via social media, Allie jokingly regretted posting her fun photo after all the attention: “I officially hate myself for posting that picture lol,” she wrote.

Well, we’re sure glad you did, Allie.

Who needs the fancy slopes of Aspen, Colo. with Kim and Kanye in the New Year, when Kendall’s got a pop star of her own, right?