It is Back to Normal Life for Kaley Cuoco Post Fairytale Wedding

Kaley Engaged
Kaley Cuoco
The 'Big Bang Theory' starlet is set to wed longtime beau! Read More »

How does one followup a fairy tale wedding? For actress Kaley Cuoco it was doing the things that she loves.

Kaley and her new husband Ryan Sweeting got a brand new BMW delivered to their Los Angeles home. This was just one week after she purchased her parents a brand new Lexus RX350.

After having her new car delivered, a very smiley Cuoco got to enjoy her passion, an afternoon of horseback riding.

The Big Bang Theory actress wed Ryan Sweeting after dating 6 months in a romantic New Year’s Eve ceremony at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, California.

Launch the gallery to check out the couple’s wedding rings!



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