Michelle Dockery Can’t Shake ‘Downton Abbey’

'Jersey Shore' Funny or Die
The cast clashes over politics in a hilarious sketch.
When Dan Stevens left Downton Abbey, some viewers were livid.  How dare Cousin Matthew abandon his wife and infant son for greener pastures.

Funny or Die imagined Michelle Dockery in a similar situation, placing her alongside Michael Chiklis in a teaser for the imagined cop drama, Tough Justice.  Dockery starts out as a rough-and-tumble detective, chewing gum and throwing grown men against the wall.

The Brit, however, quickly slips back into her role as Lady Mary Crawley.  When a crime scene calls for latex gloves, Dockery grabs something a bit more elegant with which to handle samples.  Instead of taking the subway, Dockery pulls out her parasol and calls for the car to come round.

So, the series will premiere depending on whether or not Dockery can “get her sh*t together.”  In the meantime, stay tuned for Sunday’s season four premiere of Downton Abbey on PBS.   Hurrah!