Ashton And Mila’s Kiss Cam Moment, Plus Kaley Cuoco’s Wedding Bling Stole The Spotlight At Last Night’s Lakers Game

She rang in the New Year with a pink princess gown and a new husband, but last night Kaley Cuoco just wanted to take in a little basketball. Oh, and she happened to flash her GIGANTIC diamond ring for the cameras.

With new husband Ryan Sweeting at her side, Cuoco cheered, drank, and seemingly had herself one hell of a time watching the Lakers beat the Utah Jazz at Staples Center in Los Angeles. And although we got a glimpse of her engagement ring a little while back, the diamond was out in full force for the game.

Also at the game were Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. Not only were they there, but the couple were caught on the iconic kiss cam and gave Staples Center something else to cheer for.

Thankfully a reporter caught the moment and tweeted it for us. It’s pretty endearing, especially because Mila tends to seem unhappy a whole lot of the time.