Clay Aiken Can't Sell His $2.7 Million Panty-Dropping Palace, So He's Slashing the Price... Again

Maybe Clay Aiken will have better luck in the political game, because somehow we're thinking his future as a real estate tycoon may not quite work out.

That is, considering he’s been trying to sell his North Carolina mansion for nearly three years (1,022 days, to be exact) -- and 8 price cuts later, he still hasn’t found a buyer, CB! has learned.

Now could be a good time to ask his Celebrity Apprentice mentor Donald Trump for a few pointers.

The 35-year-old American Idol runner-up put the Durham, NC pad on the market in March 2011 for $2.7 million; one year later it fell to $2.55M; nine months later to $2.35M, and then every three months he kept slashing the asking price.

On New Year’s Eve, the ginger-haired father-of-one cut it once again to $1.65 million -- over a $1 million discount from the original price -- and a financial tactic the listing describes as ”a deal beyond belief!”

The impressive manse has future congressman written all over it, with a gated driveway that curves up to a circular motor court and complementing circular fountain surrounded by 7 sprawling rolling green acres of land, including Aiken's very own private pond.

Along with 4 large bedrooms and 7 baths, other fancy amenities include a home theatre, 1950s game room (complete with jukebox), marble foyer with curved staircase, study, 4 fireplaces, grand double-height living room, walls of windows, French doors and vaulted ceilings.

But there’s also some scratch-our-head home features, like the so-so kitchen and the out of place pop of pink and lavender décor.

Check it out for yourself... Go inside Aiken's bachelor pad in the CB! gallery above.



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  • Rhonda Warren Kimmel
    Rhonda Warren Kimmel

    Clay apparently doesnt watch HGTV!!

  • Michelle Noway
    Michelle Noway

    He's had it nearly 10 years and had an equally awesome mansion in LA before this one. I don't think he's hurting for cash. He probably plans on living in Washington most of the time so wants to downsize in NC.

  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    I don't know why anyone thinks they need such a huge expensive house. People in this business need to get it through their heads that they basically work on commission and the paychecks can stop at any time. That's why every mansion Rihanna buys ends up in foreclosure - eyes are bigger than the bank account.


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