Have You Set Your DVR? Here Are The Returning Shows You Should Be Tuning Into Tonight

Whenever my favorite shows go on hiatus it always seems like a headache trying to figure out when they’re actually be on my DVR again. Thankfully for you, I’ve put together a list of the best in primetime that’s returning tonight! From The Bachelor to Downton Abbey, we’re here to break down which returning shows are on when and why you should be tuning in.

The Bachelor (ABC  8PM ET) 

I’m going to be honest, I’m not much of a Bachelor kind of guy. I will admit that Juan Pablo, the newest single man looking for love, is quite attractive, but other than that I really don’t get this show. Does anyone ever stay together after the show ends?

Anyway, 32-year-old father of one Juan Pablo was a fan favorite on The Bachelorette and now he’s back to find his one true love. I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way though, there always are.

Downton Abbey (PBS 9PM ET)

It’s been nearly a year since we lost [SPOILER ALERT] dear Matthew Crawley and America is dying to know how Lady Mary will handle the loss of her husband and father of her newborn. The word around the internet is that she won’t handle it well, not well at all. In a preview for the season Mary was told to chose either life or death. Let’s just hope that Mary choses life and finds a way to dig herself out of that hole so we can all move on from Matthew’s untimely passing.

Revenge (ABC 9PM ET)

Let’s just clear the air, Revenge is back and better than ever. Tonight’s episode reveals that Emily is in fact still alive, but doesn’t remember any of her revenge plans against the Graysons! The last episode that aired in December left Emily missing in the ocean, but it appears she’s alive. Now we just need to figure out if this was all part of her master plan or if she wasted her chance to bring down the people who ruined her life.


Cutthroat Kitchen (Food Network 10PM ET)

This is the best new show you probably aren’t watching. The Alton Brown hosted reality competition will open your eyes to what people are willing to do to win some cold, hard cash. Four chefs are given $25,000 to use as they please. Some try and hoard it in the hope that they’ll win and walk away with, while others use it to score punishments they can impart on their competitors. Nothing is off limits when it comes to sabotaging the competition and the show is wildly entertaining. If melodramatic dramas aren’t your thing, give this show a try. You’ll be glad you did.