Jessica Simpson Shared A Brand New, And Utterly Adorable, Photo Of A Very Hesitant Looking Ace Knute

Everyone looks better in black and white, even little celebrity babies. Jessica Simpson obviously knows that’s true, which is why she decided to make the world sigh at the sight of her six-month-old baby boy.

It isn’t the first photo of Ace Knute and it most certainly won’t be the last, but he couldn’t be cuter than he is in his little swing waiting for the next push from one of his parents.

Jessica and her fiancé Eric Johnson welcomed little Ace way back in June. The pair are planning on getting married sometime this year, something which has lit a fire in Jessica to drop the rest of that baby weight as soon as she can.

In an interview with People just last week she said, “Knowing that I have the wedding coming up is an incentive to stay on Weight Watchers, count my points and stay in the gym. I mean, when you see my dress, you’ll know.”

She may think she needs to drop a few more pounds, but, if the other pictures on her Twitter are any indication, she is right where she needs to be.