Watch Michael Bay’s Onstage Meltdown at CES

This week, thousands of nerds have descended upon Las Vegas for CES, the nation’s biggest tech industry trade show. In addition to the nerds fawning over new cell phones and smart refrigerators, there are celebrities, dozens of celebrities, paid to read from a teleprompter and tell you why such-and-such new product is a must-have. At a Samsung press event Monday, Michael Bay was that celebrity.

Samsung had paid Michael Bay, favorite director of adolescent teens, to talk about why curved screens will make his movies even more thrilling. However, his teleprompter went out. And since Michael Bay wasn’t being paid to speak his own words or even formulate his own thoughts, he promptly left the stage in a tizzy. It’s probably the best thing that will happen at CES all week. Thankfully, The Verge got the video.

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