Courteney Cox Tells Ellen the Sex of David Arquette and Christina McLarty’s Baby

Coco Arquette is going to have a … baby brother!

Cougar Town star Courteney Cox recently opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about the impending arrival her ex David Arquette and his girlfriend Christina McLarty’s son and how their daughter Coco, 9, feels about becoming a big sister.

Coco is “really excited. At first she was nervous because you know it’s a big deal. At first, I was nervous, I was like woo, heavy.  Now it’s great and we actually all had dinner the other night. The whole family. It’s a very unique relationship. All of us like literally, me and Christina and David and Coco. It’s great though,” the stunning 49-year old brunette admitted. Courteney and David’s split has always been amicable and the two have remained close friends despite divorcing after 11 years of marriage. 

Watch Courteney tell Ellen about she and Coco’s mommy-daughter Spa day, and why you shouldn’t believe everything you read when it comes to skin care, in the clip above. Courteney appears on today’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.