NEW DETAILS: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Take Their Segway Love to Santa Cruz

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are taking their Segways and hitting the road.

When they’re not snuggling on Instagram, the on-again couple have been spotted on and off their motorized scooter mobiles 350 miles north of Los Angeles in Santa Cruz, Calif., CB! has learned.

The 19-year-old pop star let the world know he was road-tripping it via Twitter on Monday: “Good to be on the first break in a while. Spending some quality time with family,” he wrote, leaving his fans to wonder where in the world is Biebs?

“road trip. where am i?” he posted Tuesday. (And little did we know that he brought along his ex.)

The answer to his own question is Aptos, a beach town near Santa Cruz, where a Pogonip Park ranger told KSWB that Justin, Selena and his dad Jeremy road their Segways around the park and got VIP access to a beach where public access isn’t allowed.

So that explains the video JB posted to Instagram of his dad wiping out in what looks like a forest.

Leaving five-star resorts in the dust, staff members at a campground on San Andreas Road near Sand Dollar Beach told the news station that Justin’s crew camped out Saturday night.

“We were so very excited. He came Saturday night and left Sunday afternoon,” Michelle Roaring told KSWB. “He and his friend (were) riding his Segway through the campground and toward Manresa (State) Beach. It was the best thing ever.”

But because roughing-it isn’t really Biebs’ thing, they checked in to the swanky Seascape Resort, where an eyewitness tells Celebuzz she saw the dating duo on his balcony.

“We waited for a few hours and there was hotel security all over so I couldn’t go up to the door,” 16-year-old Lily Peters told CB! “When we took the pathway down to the beach which leads behind the suites and walked for a few minutes and I noticed two people standing on what looked to be a balcony. So we casually walked over and I noticed it was Selena. We got a little closer and I noticed the man who was standing with her, he put his arm over the railing and I knew it was Justin because I saw his tattoos.

“Then they noticed us, but they weren’t mad,” she added. “They hung out for another minute or so and then casually went inside.”

Other locals on the hunt for ‘Jelena’ said they saw the twosome in disguise, wearing big sunglasses and Selena in a blond wig (yes, a blond wig).

“They both had huge sunglasses on, it was obvious they were trying to hide who they were,” said Melissa Clark, 15, of the sighting on Monday around 10 p.m.

But knowing they were caught in the act, the superstars booked it into the resort laughing as the 21-year-old singer lost her blonde wig along the way.

Well, kids, the jig is up… again.