Celebuzz Debates: Which Two Songs Will Stevie Nicks Sing on ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Tonight?

Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for. Specifically, it’s the night that The White Witch Stevie Nicks will be on American Horror Story: Coven. We don’t know much about her highly-anticipated appearance, but we do know she’ll be playing herself and Ryan Murphy has already revealed that she’ll be singing two songs on the show. But which witch songs will she sing? Celebuzz debates.

Michael Prieve: “Gypsy” and “Rhiannon”

There are two songs that I’d love Stevie Nicks to sing during her appearance on  tonight’s American Horror Story: Coven. One of my favorite Stevie songs of all time is “Gypsy,” so that would just be a treat in itself. However, the song definitely evokes the vibe of the Cordelia/Fiona relationship. As for the second song, I’m betting on “Rhiannon.” The lyric, “All your life you’ve never seen / Woman taken by the wind / Would you stay if she promised you heaven?” would fit the overall theme of AHS: Coven just perfectly.

Kelly Lynch: “Rooms on Fire” and “Rhiannon”

Ok, so I think she might perform “Rooms On Fire,” as all of her songs have a tinge of witchcraft to them. Though this song is a bit more upbeat than her others, the lyricsprove otherwise. I’m guessing she’ll perform “Riannon” because that’s a hit that most people know.

Andrea Simpson: “Stand Back” and “Leather and Lace”

These are serious song stretches, to say the least, but I just selfishly wanted to pick my favorites in the complete off-chance Stevie and Ryan Murphy surprise us all with a creepy rendition or another surprise celeb cameo. “Stand Back” is soulful, earthy and totally dark at the same time. “Leather and Lace” would be beyond awesome, but without Don Henley it definitely wouldn’t be the same. And somehow I can’t see Lily Rabe and Stevie pulling off a sexy duet. But you never know… stranger things have happened on American Horror Story.

Barbara DeFranco: “Rhiannon” and “Gypsy”

“Rhiannon” actually might be too obvious a choice, considering the name refers to a goddess-like maternal figure in Welsh mythology (thanks, wiki). But the lyrics speak of a bewitching woman who seems to have mysterious powers, so it’s kind of a shoe-in. “Gypsy” is simply one of the most amazing Fleetwood Mac songs ever, and I think if the episode focuses on Sarah Paulson’s character trying to get Misty Day to embrace her powers, this seems like the choice. “And it all comes down to you / Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice / And it all comes down to you.” BOOM.

Robert Kessler: “Silver Springs” and “Gold Dust Woman”

“Silver Springs” is maybe the best song Stevie Nicks ever wrote, but was cut off Rumours when it came out. Its exclusion was a major cause of infighting in Fleetwood Mac and using her AHS appearance to create a new group of “Silver Springs” fans is a very Stevie Nicks. Plus, “time casts a spell on you, but you won’t forget me” is perfect for AHS. “Gold Dust Woman” feels like another perfect fit to me; the song has always has a bayou-esque sound to me. Plus the whole thing is about the strength of a single woman. (Not to mention the lyrics about graves, we already know Misty Day meets Stevie in a cemetery.)

Which songs would you like to hear Stevie Nicks sing on the episode tonight?