Howard Stern Geeks Out Over A-Listers Just Like the Rest of Us

Howard Stern might be Justin Theroux’s number one fan. The curly-mopped America’s Got Talent judge opened up about his recent trip to Mexico with Jennifer Aniston and her beau on the Howard Stern Show.

The 59-year old radio host and his famous friends recently vacationed together, along with Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly McNearney“I stayed at the home of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux with Jimmy Kimmel and Molly, and they had a home on the ocean,” Stern said. “I got to hang with Jimmy, and you know Jimmy’s my boyfriend. I proposed to him, but he’s married. He’s a real good cook! It took him all day to make [dinner]. He made everything homemade — homemade pasta, he made his own ricotta cheese. We just sat there in Mexico, drinking wine, eating Jimmy’s food.” 

But the native New Yorker seemed most smitten with Aniston’s 42-year old tattooed fiancé. “I had a great time with Justin too, smart guy. You know, he wrote Iron Man 2 and he wrote one of my favorite movies, Tropic Thunder. Yeah. And he’s f*ckin’ really good looking. He looks like a young Mel Gibson, and he’s super pumped up. He’s got big pecs. The guy looks like a body builder and it’s very annoying because, you know, I look like a chicken that’s been plucked.” Oh, Howard. You 15-year old boy, you.