This Is What Happens When Beyonce and Jay-Z Crash a Karaoke Bar

It was a cold rainy Wednesday in Miami and when you’re a bored multi-millionaire superstar looking for a fun night on the town (or just get toasty) you can jet off to sunny Saint Tropez, buy a fur coat, or bring the party to your mansion.

But when you’re Jay-Z and Beyonce, you hit up the karaoke bar — and CB! has exclusive details.

Yep, that’s right, the power couple and a dozen of their power friends (i.e. Kelly Rowland and Timbaland) decided to turn Blue Ivy’s second birthday into an after-hours shindig by walking into Sing Sing Karaoke bar on South Beach — and the rest is history.

According to waiter Boris Albedinsky, it was 12:05 a.m. and because of the stormy weather and slow night they were ready to close up shop when Bey walked in and gave the employees a thrill of a lifetime.

“Their security guy walked in first and asked how long we’d be open,” Boris told Celebuzz. “It was almost dead at the bar, and 20 seconds later Beyonce walked in and asked where the bathroom was.”

But it wasn’t just a pit stop.

“Then Jay-Z walked in 10 seconds later. He said, ‘What’s up?’ And said he really liked the place and wanted one of the rooms. My knees were shaking as I showed him to the room.”

Of course, they got the VIP area, but for their 15-strong entourage they were treated like any other karaoke-loving civilian (that means, $8 bucks per person for each hour, not including the bottles of sake.)

So from 12 to 3 a.m. they belted out an eclectic range of hits like Pharrell and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and “Wonderwall” by Oasis.

And when the gals next door were heard singing a familiar tune, Queen B and Kelly couldn’t help but crash the party.

“Beyonce’s room was facing another room where three random girls were singing a Beyonce song. So they just walked in and said ‘Hey girls!’” Boris said. “They couldn’t believe it. One girl was like, ‘that looks like Kelly Rowland.’ And one girl was sleeping so she couldn’t tell if she was dreaming or it was real.”

Oh, it was real alright, and the perfect photobomb Bey just couldn’t resist.

That’s Beyonce and the passed-out chick. Photo: Sing Sing Karaoke

Say cheese! Beyonce, Kelly and their new karaoke friends. Photo: Twitter