When Nature Calls, Alexander Skarsgård Answers

Alexander Skarsgård. Naked. (Almost.) On a toilet. In Antarctica. What more is there to say? There is nothing more to say. I have nothing more to say. Do you? Yes, you do. Here is what you have to say in the form of today's winning captions:

"Damn, these instructions are complicated!" - Lawrence

"That is indecent exposure" - John

"Cold as sh*t!" - Sherri

"The real question on every woman's mind is, 'What is he reading?'" - Shelley

"Polar poop challenge,anyone??" - Melissa

"Can't believe I have to go all the way to Antarctica just to take a dump in peace and read my favorite Twilight book." - Parisa

"ive heard of shitten bricks but ice chips is nuts" - Bill

"At least my feet are warm" - Amanda

"Nature calls." - Jason

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