Classic Romantic Movie Scenes Recreated By a Man and His Dog and Other Funny Things

Been gone for a minute, now I’m back with the jump off the latest edition of Celebrity Meme Roundup! Seriously, friends, it’s been weeks! I missed you. Did you miss me? How many of you spent the holidays wishing out loud, “I wish that guy from Celebuzz who writes the posts with memes or whatever was here instead of my stupid family!” ALL OF YOU? Aww, that is so sweet! The feeling was mutual. The good news is that we no longer need to miss each other, and the even better news is that you are but a single click away from the first Celebrity Meme Roundup of the new year!

First up, our friends at The Frisky pointed us in the direction of this guy who has remade iconic romantic movie scenes through photos of him with his dog. (It sounds creepy. It’s not.)


The Graduate:



Brokeback Mountain:

And now, a parody of everyone’s favorite song from Frozen:

We move on to Amazon Critics, which uses one-star Amazon reviews in place of typically more positive critic reviews:

If you’re living in one of the cold parts of the world, stay warm, friends! See you next week!