Justin Timberlake Goes to Taco Bell Because He’s a Normal, Average Human Being and Not an Android But Why? Who Told You That?

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Everyday, regular human being Justin Timberlake celebrated his wins at the People’s Choice Awards last night with an after party at Taco Bell, the favorite restaurant of everyday, regular human beings like you, me and Justin Timberlake. Timberlake uploaded the above photo to Instagram with the caption, “What do we do after we win 3 PCAs?!?! Easy… Go to Taco Bell!! People’s Champ, baby!!”

At the People’s Choice Awards, Timberlake took home honors for Favorite Male Artist, Favorite R&B Artist and Favorite Album. He thanked his fans while accepting the Favorite Male Artist honors. “I’d like to thank all the fans who voted. I’ll take it — people’s champ, I love it.”

Sharing a second shot, Timberlake wrote “011100001010111.” Just kidding, he wrote “Ok . . . One more. #PeoplesChoice” because he’s a human being and not a robot.