Leonardo DiCaprio Needed a Chiropractor After ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Quaalude Scenes

Leo Finishes 'Wolf'
That's a wrap for DiCaprio's latest, 'The Wolf of Wall Street.'
Filming drug scenes are apparently quite painful. At least if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio filming The Wolf of Wall Street.

Leo needed “a lot of chiropractic work” after filming The Wolf of Wall Street, in which he portrays notorious stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

He told the New York Post newspaper: “I didn’t know anything about Quaaludes, and he had taken a tremendous amount of them.”

“I videotaped him on the floor, rolling around, and he really articulated to me that you have every intention of going to a certain destination, but your body doesn’t go along with you. We shot it for, like, a week, and it was a lot of chiropractic work for me because it was incredibly painful.”

So don’t expect to see DiCaprio rolling around the floor on film any time soon. Check out the pics of Leo trying to hide from the paparazzi yesterday (January 08, 2014) in London.