Britney Spears Is, as Always, an Adorable Deer in the Headlights of Our Hearts

Congratulations and thank you to Queen Britney Spears! Congratulations because she won her first-ever People's Choice Award, and thank you because, well, that facial expression is just a priceless treasure. And while we're offering thanks and congratulations, let me take a moment to extend the same to today's Caption Contest winners:

"Oops..I farted again" - Melissa

"I sure hope Kanye doesn't come up here before I give my thanks to everyone." - Tonya

"Oh no...i see joan rivers" - Bridgett

"Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?" - Michelle

"I can't believe I forgot to take my turtle neck off before I got that spray tan ..." - Emma

"Darn it, I left my speech on my table!!" - Crystal

"Who are all these people? And why are they clapping?" - Brittany

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new Caption Contest each and every weekday. It's never too late to add a caption, so do so in the comments!



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