We Have A Winner For The #HerculesHero Sweepstakes! Are YOU Taking Home $4K?

We’ve seriously loved going through all of your photos and videos showing off the “Hercules” heroes and heroines in your life. They were all so touching! And now one of you is going home with $4,000!

Check out some of our favorite photos below. The last photo is our WINNER! Is it YOU?

*subject to final compliance with all rules and regulations as contemplated by the official rules

5.)[email protected]

“I love my twinnie the most!! #TMIRune #herculeshero”

4.) @cdhabolt

“My #herculeshero”

3.) @chavari

“Hahahaahah. Literally jumping Into my moms arms at the airport. I don’t care what anyone says I’m lucky enough to have a relationship with my mom where I can say she’s one of my best friends. #herculeshero”

2.) @roseweiss7

“My #herculeshero is my dad who has always been my role model and the one who makes me strive for anything I want to be and given countless people their lives back!! Love you dad!! @kellanlutz he deserves this more than anyone, once again my #herculeshero”

1.) OUR WINNER!!! @briannamaria95

“Although she’s an angel in heaven, this woman gives me strength every single day. She is my #herculeshero and I would give anything to see her again. When she was alive, I was just beginning to discover Kellan and ever since, he has been an idol and hero of mine. Rest in paradise, grandma help me win this & speak to @kellanlutz! #herculeshero”

Thank you for all your amazing participation. Make sure to check out Kellan Lutz in The Legend of Hercules on Jan. 10… We promise, you won’t regret it!

Can’t get enough of Kellan Lutz? Here’s your all-access pass to all things ‘The Legend Of Hercules.’ Check out the trailer: