Ke$ha’s Backstage Tour Rider Requests: Veggies and Booze

The backstage tour rider of singer Ke$ha has been revealed, and it sheds some light on her eating habits, which seem to have been pretty minimal. acquired a document (from at least a few months prior to her checking into rehab, to battle her eating disorder) which lists exactly what the singer’s dressing room requests were.

Along with requesting her own toilet, sink and shower, as well as a scented lavender candle and incandescent lighting, her list of food requirements was pretty scant.

The items included:

  • Vegetarian hand rolls without rice NO mayonnaise
  • One (1) raw vegetable tray
  • One (1) tray streamed vegetables or dried veggie snacks from Whole Foods if possible

As far as beverages went, she preferred booze. Specifically:

  • One (1) bottle of Don Julio or Patron Tequila
  • Two (2) bottles of “Nice” Cabernet and
  • One (1) bottle of vodka — Grey Goose preferred

Celebuzz spoke exclusively to Ke$ha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, following the singer entering rehab for her eating disorder, and Sebert stated:

“She might be crazy and she might get shit-faced drunk,” she added with a laugh, “but everyone does.

“She might have a few drinks here and there. But she doesn’t have a drinking problem.”

We’re hoping that Ke$ha receives all the help that she needs, and is back to being her glittery wonderful self soon!

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