Zac Efron Is All for Having Sex on the First Date

Zac Efron's Awesome Hair
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Ladies around the world rejoice! If you can score a date with Zac Efron, he may very well put out.

In an interview with Glamour magazine promoting his movie That Awkward Moment, Efron gave his views on having sex on the first date.

“Sex is a beautiful thing. I don’t object.”

So what kind of a woman does Zac date?

“I think every single girl has something different and special about her. You find one who clicks with your vibe,” Efron said. “Fate brings people together.”

Fate. Who knew Zac was into letting the stars align?

Above all, what does Efron treasure the most in a relationship?

“I think the most important thing for me in a relationship is honesty. In the beginning, sometimes girls don’t show their genuine personality… Just be honest and up-front. I think that’s the hardest.”

Such sage advice from Zac. Ladies, and gentlemen, take note.