Jennifer Lawrence Blames Her “Terrifying” Acceptance Speech on Lack of Booze

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Jennifer Lawrencehas a perfectly good reason for getting a bit speechless during her Golden Globes acceptance speech.

She just needed a little more liquid courage to get over the “terrifying” experience, that’s all.

“It’s really overwhelming,” the actress told reporters in the press room after she won the Best Supporting Actress award forAmerican Hustle.

“It’s kind of unbelievable, I can’t process it. It’s such a huge honor. Amazing,” she added just moments after yet another priceless, quick-witted turn at the mic.

“I need to catch up on my drinking. I think that’s why I was so manic,” Lawrence confessed. “Normally I have time to have a glass of wine… That’s not a good answer.

“I have no idea what I’m doing here, it’s just insane.”

But before the night’s real insanity began, the 23-year-old had some playtime downtime.

“My stylish Rachel [Zoe] brought over her adorable son Skylarand we played tickle monster for awhile,” she added.

And now that Lawrence a two-time Golden Globe winner and the toast of Hollywood for the second year in a row, what advice does she have for her legions of fans?

“Be strong,” Lawrence said, “don’t be a follower and always do the right thing.”

Watch Lawrence’s charming speech in the CB! video above.