Amy Poehler Reveals Someone Else Has Already Called Dibs on Her Golden Globe Award

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Amy Poehler won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy Series less than 24 hours ago and she’s already going to have to give it up.

“I told my son that I might win an award tonight and he said, ‘How big is it?’” Poehler told reporters in the press room Sunday night of her 5-year-old son’s request. “He might be impressed by the size. So I’ll give it to Archie and he’ll give it to [3-year-old] Abel.”

But at least she can still hold on to the award for steamiest makeout session in recent Golden Globes history.

“Kissing Bono and winning and getting to sit at the table with my Parks and Recreation cast,” Poehler gushed of the night’s highlights.

And in case you missed it, the U2 frontman and Globes co-host played serious kissy face after she was announced the big winner in her category.

“Everybody’s pretty game,” she said of the healthy sense of humor in the ballroom. “The room is filled with nominees, so I think most people feel they’ve already won. So it’s a happy crowd.”

And there was no hard feelings between her and non-nominee, BFF Tina Fey.

“We joke around about who wins and loses. It’s kind of weird being a winner, it’s a little fun being a loser, too,” she added.

“Tonight was an example of all my old friends winning… and to turn to your right and see your 20 years old friend, it feels personal and professional at the same time.”

For all the makeout action maybe you didn’t see, watch Poehler and Bono pucker up in the CB! video above.