After a Long Search, We’ve Finally Found Beyoncé’s Biggest Fan

I thought I was Beyoncé‘s biggest fan, but it turns out that I can’t compete with an actual, literal fan. I also can’t compete with the authors of today’s winning captions, so I am 0 for 2. Such is life.

“Beyoncé always has time for a fan pic!” – Melissa

“Babe I was thinking we could name the next one ‘Green Fan'” – Anisha

“Do you think this many fans will be enough for the right amount of hair blowing for my next show???” – Leah

“Photo opp with my fans….I wouldn’t be this cool with out my fans” – Tanya

“I’d like to thank all my fans” – Mohammed

“Watch my hair!” – Savannah

“Just making sure this one has a weave screen.. You only make that mistake once.” – Ashley

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