Cate Blanchett Explains Why She’s Allowed to Drop F-Bombs

Cate Blanchett wasn’t kidding when she confessed to having a few vodkas under her belt during her acceptance speech at Sunday’s Golden Globes.

That’s because when she was whisked backstage to talk about her big win for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama she showed us a completely different side to the perfectly poised star… and we like it!

But according to Oz native, she just blurted out what any Aussie would say.

“It was a mind f**k,” said the star of her role as a socialite who loses everything in Blue Jasmine.

“Oh, delayed…,” she cringed, realizing what she just said to the group of laughing reporters. “Well, I’m Australian,” she quipped.

That’s okay, Cate, you were in good company when it came to profanity-laced speeches.

But, leave it to Ms. Blanchett to pull herself together again with grace and dignity.

“It was extraordinarily complex and it was important for me to chart through the levels of what Jasmine was hiding to herself… delusion and guilt… working out what she was on and not on,” she added.

“Woody [Allen’s] films live or die on the connection between the actors and so you have to leave that behind and just be alive to where he’s putting the camera… Jasmine does live because of the ensemble.

“Working on a Woody Allen film tone is everything. For me, it was speaking with him and he’s very generous and to the point about things he says… and 99 percent of his direction happens in the script… so you read that and garner as many clues as you can and hit the ground running.”

The 44-year-old silver screen star was quick to point out how contrasting her on-screen life is from her real life.

“I think if anyone has suffered extreme mental stress and they have financial security or security of family and friends to catch them, they can see themselves through that,” she spoke of the fate of her character. “Jasmine has none of those things I mentioned.

“Fortunately, I have the most extraordinarily supportive family and friends, my identity is not based on either my work or any of this so it’s a wonderful mirage to be here tonight… but its not entirely who I am.”

One thing is for sure — Cate’s impeccable fashion taste that has made her an icon. And as for her best dressed look of the night in black lace Armani Prive, she says that too took a lot of preparation.

“A lot of effort goes into the effortlessness of walking up the marathon of a red carpet,” she said.

“I was fine at midnight [Sunday] and woke up with butterflies in my stomach. Because you never know how these things go… I’m so happy, it’s great.”

For Cate’s full Golden Globes acceptance speech, click on the CB! video above.