Find Out Who Matthew McConaughey Thinks Was His Golden Globes Good Luck Charm

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Matthew McConaughey didn’t expect to take home the Golden Globe, but unlike most actors who say it’s just an honor to be nominated, well… he really wanted it and isn’t ashamed to admit it.

“Absolutely!” the actor told reporters backstage about hoping to hear his name called when Jessica Chastain opened the envelope. “It’s not why I’m here. But I’d love to [win] since I’m nominated.”

The winner for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture explained that it’s all the more rewarding given that making the film didn’t come easy – it was declined 86 times and took 20 years to make.

“Now I got so much pleasure and gratitude out of just making it, when it was over I was full. To be here it’s more than bonus time, it’s celebration time,” he said.

“That’s incredibly rewarding for a film that nobody wanted to make.”

So who does he have to thank for his big night? It wasn’t your typical lucky rabbit foot. It was his 5-year-old son Levi‘s vote of confidence (or rather, lack thereof).

“We were explaining to the kids what was going on — ‘there are five other male actors and he’s nominated to be one of the best performances.’ My son was like ‘I really hope you win tonight, but you’re going to lose,'” he laughed.

“Maybe that was my good luck charm. Now I gotta go get that little son of a gun.”