Justin Bieber Has Two New Tattoos and They Are Like Really Deep, Man

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Bieber's Body Art
A breakdown of the tattoos adorning Justin Bieber's body.
Justin Bieber has revealed two more inkings on his 19-year old body and the pop star has shared images of both on his Instagram account.

Just days after the Biebs’ latest boy-behaving-badly scandal, the “Heartbreaker” singer engaged in some body art therapy and we think these latest tattoos might have some deeper meaning behind them.

Tattoo #1:

So, it’s a court jester or joker face with the iconic bell-tipped hat. What is Justin telling us? He’s here to entertain us and that’s all? Don’t take life too seriously? Don’t take him too seriously? We can only wonder.

Tattoo #2:

This one, his 22nd overall tattoo, seems a bit more obvious. Justin clearly had a compass tattooed on his right bicep because he needs some direction. Hopefully, this will help.

Despite still having run ins with neighbors, and employing overzealous bodyguards, the real bright spot for the Canadian graffiti artist is that he might be back together with Selena Gomez. The on-again/off-again couple were spotted riding Segways in Santa Cruz, Calif. together and Justin posted this intimate photo of he and Selgo one week ago with the caption” “Love the way you look at me.”