Chinese Theme Park Wants You To Experience The Titanic Sinking

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Remember when 1500 passengers went down with RMS Titanic on April 15th, 1912, making it one of the most horrific maritime disasters in history?  Chinese company Seven Star Energy Investment Group wants to recreate the sinking, complete with a simulated ice berg collision.

According to CNN, Seven Star is developing a resort that features a Titanic museum, man-made beach, turkish baths and 6D cinema.  The ship’s replica, worth an estimated $165 billion, will sit permanently on the Qi River in China’s Sichuan Province.  Tourists will board the model and relive the horrifying collision through high-tech simulation involving sound and light effects.

It’s time for China to honor the spirit of human responsibility — how passengers tried to save one another as the ship sank,” Seven Star’s chairman told Xinhua news.

The park plans to open in 2016.