Cops Find Cocaine at Justin Bieber’s House, BFF Lil Za Arrested

UPDATE 4:59 P.M. PST: TMZ is now reporting that the white substance confiscated at Justin Bieber’s house this morning that led to his friend Lil Za’s arrest could be Molly, a pure form of Ecstasy. Xanax was also reportedly taken from the home by the cops. The drugs are currently being tested.

Detectives from Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff’s Station held a press conference Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. to field questions surrounding the egging incident allegedly perpetrated by Justin Bieber at his neighbor’s home last week.

This is what Celebuzz knows:

- Police issued a search warrant at Biebs’ Calabasas home Tuesday around 8 a.m.

- According to a press release, cops were looking for video surveillance or other evidence in the vandalism that occurred at a neighbor’s home on Jan. 9.

- The vandalism damage is estimated by the homeowner to be approximately $20,000.

- About 12 cops in eight cars showed up Tuesday morning at Bieber’s mansion to conduct the search.

- Bieber was present, along with about 7 to 8 house guests, including his security team during the search.

- Everybody (including security) was cooperative.

- An adult male did get arrested on a narcotics violation for cocaine possession, however, police aren’t releasing his name.

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- TMZ has reported that Biebs’ BFF Lil Za was the one taken into custody: “The cocaine I believe was in plain view when deputies were looking for other evidence,” police stated at the news conference.

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- Bieber was not arrested, but has yet to be exonerated because the investigation is ongoing.

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- Bieber was not connected with the cocaine, other than it was found at his home.

Biebs and Lil Za dance in onesies just before the pop star’s tour bus was raided in Sweden back in April 2012. Photo: Splash

- The pop star was not questioned at his home other than the typical warrant search questions he responded to, like how many people were in the house and if doors were locked. Bieber did not answer any other questions at the scene by deputies. Police believe more formal questioning will be done through his attorney, who was not present at the time.

- Police insist Bieber’s celebrity status isn’t fueling the high-profile investigation: “None of this has anything to do with him being celebrity,” police said. “We determined this was a felony crime that had evidence.”

- The felony charge associated with the vandalism is due to the significant amount of monetary damage to the next door property: “It is a felony crime. I get that it was done with eggs which makes you feel that it was at a lower-level crime,” police said during the conference.

- The entire front of the neighbors house, including imported wood and brick, were damaged.

- Police did not release what exactly they were looking for, however, said, “It doesn’t take much stretch of the imagination that security video helps us in a lot of things during this time,” according to cops. “They [deputies] may have just viewed surveillance footage, but there’s no confirmation if any video was taken from the house. We were looking for other things that would put the 19-year-old or anyone else at the scene of the alleged crime,” police added.

- Despite eggs being at the center of the incident, the latest in a string of Bieber run-ins with the law, police say they are taking this very seriously: “I certainly hope it doesn’t continue…,” said police. “We hope understanding the gravity of this will change the behavior. We hope that we can the neighborhood the quality of life they deserve and hopefully this will do it.”