Justin Bieber’s House Raided By Cops After Egg Attack

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TMZ is reporting that eleven Los Angeles County Sheriff’s patrol cars, executing a search warrant, arrived at Justin Bieber’s house in connection with the egg-throwing incident, which Celebuzz has confirmed with police.

The singer is currently being detained in the garage of his house while deputies conduct the search.

The incident which occurred last Thursday night (January 9, 2014) caused around $20,000 in damage. Justin was actually caught on video egging his neighbor’s house.

Deputies are searching for any evidence that my link the Biebs to the infamous egg assault on his neighbors house. The search warrant is a felony warrant, which means that if any incriminating evidence is found, Justin could be heading to the big house.

Are they looking for a carton of eggs? Apparently they are. There could be some sort of identifier on the eggs that links what’s in Justin’s fridge to the broken eggs outside his neighbor’s home.

What could end up being worse news for Justin, any thing that the sheriff’s deputies find during the search – like drugs or weapons – is totally fair game.

We’ll be updating this story as details come in.