Beyonce Proves to Us That She Has the Most Photogenic Family in the World

Oh, did you think you were looking at a Versace ad? Well, sorry to disappoint but this is just your run-of-the-mill family portrait in Beyonce’s world.

The “XO” singer has unleashed photos from her New Year’s Eve party at Miami’s Versace mansion this week — and let’s just say the offerings look like they’re basically ready to be published in the next issue of Vogue magazine.

I don’t know what’s more glamorous: Blue Ivy boogying down in a $41.5 million home or Beyonce looking perfectly wind-swept on the back of a scooter helmed by her blue suit-clad husband, Jay-Z.

Either way, prepare to be green with envy. Launch the gallery to see Beyonce’s latest family photos.